Raplink App

Transforms the way you experience your current home lighting, TV, Air-Con, Fan and other electrical home appliances with our own RAPLINK mobile app. The RAPLINK mobile app makes it so easy for you to get the most out of your smart-related devices in your home while you are away from home, in your office, while you are driving, during family vacations or business overseas.

With RAPLINK mobile app, you can easily organize your individual lights into rooms. Switch rooms on/off or change colour or brightness of all your lights to match your activities. Automate your lights any way you want. Start a specific time or when the sun goes down, or activate a scene.

Configure your home lighting, AC unit or TV timer to automatically switch on/off at night and wake up energized. Surprise your guests while your hands are full carrying other stuffs by switching the home lights on/off or turning TV or AC on/off using your voice with Google Home or Home mini devices.

This RAPLINK APP can be download via: